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Wuxi Zhenye Xingsheng Metallurgical Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. It is located in Qianqiao Industrial Park, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, with a strategic location. It was invested and established by Wuxi Zhenye Alloy Cored Wire Factory-nearly 20 years of hard work. It has become one of the largest and earlier manufacturers of various alloy cored wires in China. On this basis, our company has built the factory into a "big market" in the comprehensive metallurgy and foundry industry that integrates gold cored wire, aluminum products, ferroalloys, charge and non-ferrous metals.




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Our company has 6 package line unit assembly lines and 2 seamless welding machine lines. The technological process is advanced and reliable, product quality inspection methods are complete, and the annual sales output value exceeds 100 million yuan. The company has passed IS09001:2015 certification. There are 26 varieties of metallurgical auxiliary materials and aluminum products, and 30 varieties of cored wires. The main products are medium φ10, φ13, and φ16mm conventional varieties: calcium silicon cored wire, calcium iron cored wire, pure calcium cored wire (including Pure calcium cored wire, calcium rod cored wire, double calcium rod cored wire), carbon cored wire, sulfur cored wire, boron iron cored wire, silicon-magnesium cored wire, solid aluminum wire, titanium Iron cored wire, ferrosulfide cored wire, ferromanganese cored wire, pure titanium cored wire, phosphorus iron cored wire, aluminum calcium cored wire; the special cored wire varieties produced include: pure manganese cored wire, Lime nitrogen (CaCN2) cored wire, selenium cored wire, tellurium cored wire, lead cored wire, ferromolybdenum cored wire, vanadium iron cored wire, ferro-niobium cored wire, rare earth cored wire, silicon calcium aluminum Cored wire, aluminum powder cored wire, sponge titanium cored wire, nitride cored wire (manganese silicon nitride, iron manganese nitride, chromium nitride post, iron vanadium nitride, iron silicon nitride, etc.), silicon Zirconium cored wire, silicon calcium zirconium cored wire, silicon calcium manganese cored wire, calcium composite cored wire (calcium + dolomite + iron powder), magnesium composite cored wire (magnesium + lime powder), lead cored wire , Bismuth composite cored wire, copper-zirconium cored wire, copper-magnesium cored wire, and deoxidized aluminum cored wire for steelmaking (diameter 9-10mm, 12-13mm). Our high nitrogen titanium composite gold cored wire is a patented product, and the low splash pure calcium cored wire is a provincial high-tech product. On this basis, our company successfully developed a seamless pure calcium cored wire.

       Now our product quality and various technical indicators have reached and exceeded the YB/T053-2000 standard of the Ministry of Metallurgy, and are widely used in steelmaking, casting and other non-ferrous metal industries. Excipients such as recarburizers, refined slag, silicon carbide and other long-term supply to major steel companies, with good product quality, reasonable prices and excellent service have won the trust and praise of users. Our factory always pursues the business philosophy of "careful management, quality assurance; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", and provides after-sale quality tracking services. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign users to visit and cooperate.

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